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Corcovado Mountain & Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer

The Corcovado mountain is a granite rock in the Tijuca Forrest. On top of the mountain is a 98 ft. statue of Jesus (Christ the Redeemer). The statue is visible from great distances all over the city. The observation deck is very popular, receiving over 300,000 visitors a year. Local as well as international visitors enjoy the panoramic view which includes the famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, the city center, Sugar loaf mountain, the Rodrigo de Freitas lake, the Maracanã stadium and lots of the favela's of Rio de Janeiro.
Amongst the past visitors you can find Princess Diana of Wales, Albert Einstein and Pope John Paul II.

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Confeitaria Cavé

The oldest confectionery in Rio de Janeiro, Older than the more famous "Confectionery Colombo", were you can go back into time and get a feeling of the happy times when women in fine dresses and gentlemen in suits had a little lunch after shopping or work, a time when fast-food chains didn't even exist.

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Confectionery Colombo

Confeitaria Colombo

The "Confectionery Colombo" is located in the historic center of Rio de Janeiro and it is one of the main sights at the center of Rio de Janeiro, worth a visit and a good place to have a little lunch during a visit of the city center.

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City of samba

Samba city

Samba City is an area of 114.000 m² in the heart of the neighborhood of Rio Gamboa. The area is filled with warehouses and barracks, which are used by the samba schools of the special group to work on their floats and costumes for the next carnival.

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