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City of samba

Samba city

Samba City is an area of 114.000 m² in the heart of the neighborhood of Rio Gamboa. The area is filled with warehouses and barracks, which are used by the samba schools of the special group to work on their floats and costumes for the next carnival.


The project was developed with 2 basic concepts:

  • The first was to integrate the architecture of the project with the architecture of the port warehouses and barracks of the old railway workshops located on the ground. At the same time revitalize the port area keeping the image of the early nineteenth century English building style.
  • The second concept had the goal to give the city a permanent place to unite the industry of carnival and the industry of tourism and entertainment.

The designed structure aims to ensure quality, safety and efficiency in the assembly of the Rio carnival and to give the tourists of Rio de Janeiro a permanent view of what carnival means to this city.

The 14 barracks, have 4 floors:

  1. On the first floor, one can find all the components and services that are needed to build and assemble the floats.
  2. The second floor is reserved for dining rooms and designed to receive guests.
  3. The third floor is reserved for administrative purposes, rooms for creation, art rooms, meeting rooms, director of Carnival, care of costumes, and rooms for the direction and chairman's of the school.
  4. The fourth floor, an area of approximately 2700 meters, receives the assembly of props, sculptures of styrofoam, paint and so on. Mechanical exhausts and air filters according to the norms of ABNT are installed for environment reasons.

The large central area is for leisure, meeting and entertainment. The recreation area has bars, restaurants, bathrooms, stages for shows, exhibitions of pieces of carnival and gardens with benches, pergola and two massive tents for the display of floats and performances. There is a total of 14 warehouses, where the 12 samba schools of the special group of Rio de Janeiro are housed.

The City of Samba began to be used in September 2005 for the Carnival of 2006.


Permanent visits to the warehouses:

Opening Hours Tue - sat from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m
Entrance Fees R$ 10,00 (Residents of Rio R$ 5,00)

City of samba

Rua Rivadávia Correa, 60 Rio de Janeiro RJ 20220-290 Brazil

Latitude: -22.896093
Longitude: -43.197683
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