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Saint Josephs Church

Saint Josephs Church

The faithful of St. Joseph have met since sometime between 1608 to 1640 in a small chapel (one of the oldest in Rio), back then near the seaside, facing away from the sea, which is very rare in Rio de Janeiro. This can be explained by the fact that St. Joseph is the patron of the families, and the faithful of St. Joseph where the immigrants from Europe who wanted to stay and start their family in the colony, so the front of the church was towards the land they wanted to live on.



The Church as it stands today replaced the original much smaller chapel. has nothing original church D. João ordered the construction to start in 1808 and after a long building period it was finally finished in 1842.
Little is known about the history of one of the oldest churches in the city, because all its documentation was lost in 1711 when it was looted by the French Duguay-Trouin during his invasion of the city.

Nice to know:

  • The bells of the Church of St. Joseph are famous for being the most sonorous bells of the city.
  • The church has a tabernacle and a font that belonged to the Church of São Sebastião do Morro do Castelo.
  • The interioir has a Rococo character.
  • Behind the Alter is a rare image of St. Joseph passing away.

Visiting Hours:

time Mon. thru Sat. From 9:00 am. until 12:00 am. and from 14:00 pm. until 17:00 pm.
Sun. from 9:00 am. until 11:00 am.

Saint Josephs Church

Av Pres Antônio Carlos Rio de Janeiro RJ 20020-010 Brazil

Phone: +55(21)2533-4545

Latitude: -22.904447
Longitude: -43.174212
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