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Church of Our Lady of Conception and Good Death

The Church of our Lady of Conception and Good Death, is a colonial church in the center of the city located at the corner of Av. Rio Branco and Rua do Rosário.


The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Conception and Our Lady of Assumption and Good Death were originally operating in 2 different temples, but around 1721 they decided to build a new chapel in the lower part of the city on the actual spot where the church stands today.
In 1735 it was decided to build a real church with three naves designed by the Portuguese military engineer José Fernandes-Pinto Alpoim. The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Conception and Our Lady of Good Death had a lot of disagreements over the years what lead to a very long and slow construction. On March 9th 1820 the two brotherhoods joined themselves under the Venerable Third Order of Our Lady and Good Death.
The presbytery displays of carved rococo are by the hand of "Mestre Valentim". The side altars are the work of Manoel Francisco dos Santos Deveza and were produced between 1835 and 1840. In the sacristy there are two paintings from the eighteenth century, one is "Our Lady of the Conception" by Raimundo da Costa e Silva, and the other "Our Lady of Good Death", by Leandro Joaquim.
The facade has been altered in the twentieth century (tower and pediment), but maintains the portal of Mestre Valentim. Fortunately the church was not demolished when they opened the Central Avenue (now Avenida Rio Branco), but they build a sort of false facade along the nave of the church to hide it. This building is a neo-Renaissance Flemish built from 1904 by architect René Barba.



Every day from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Church of Our Lady of Conception and Good Death

Rua do Rosário, avenida rio branco Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazil

Latitude: -22.903068
Longitude: -43.178669
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