Music Styles
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Samba is without a doubt, the musical rhythm that is most associated with Rio de Janeiro. The association with the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro only makes the samba even more popular. However, it is not only during the summertime that you can enjoy this music, there are lots of opportunities to listen to this music, or even better, get up and let the rhythm lead you to the dance floor. With the recent revitalization of the "Lapa" neighborhood, you can participate to a life performance of samba virtually every day of the year. The samba is a musical style dominated by percussion, which is accounted for by its roots in the music played by African slaves in the late nineteenth century. Over the years various African rhythms and musical elements became part of this music style, like the "maxixe"(a kind of Brazilian Tango), the "lundu" (a dance from the "Batuques"- Bantu slaves) and the "modinha" (the first type of popular Brazilian music played on the guitar), culminating in what we know today as samba. Today, with the development of this music style, the samba itself is split into different styles such as the "pagoda" (which incorporates more modern rhythms), the "partido alto" (a form of improvisation), and "marchas e sambas-enredo" (with a faster pace and played used for carnival and samba schools).