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Chôro or more traditionally known as chorinho (literally it means cry or little cry), is an animated and happy music style with roots in the end of the XIXth century.
At the end of the 19th century, Brazilian Musicians from Rio started to interpret a few foreign rhythms like the waltz and the polka to come o the Chorinho style. The bands playing chorinho feature mostly strings, like the guitar, the mandolin, the cavaquinho (a little instrument with four strings that looks a lot like a ukulele), the flute (for the major part of the solo's) and the frame drum, which is responsible for the base rhythm. The more modern bands tend also to use saxes, trombones, trumpets end clarinets.
Chorinho is a style that demands a lot of technique and virtuosity from the musicians, for the melodies have complex harmonies and are up-tempo.
Try to assist a session of chorinhoro, you find yourself going back into time to the antique Rio of the late 19th century.