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The life of the people living in Niteroi.


More or less 20 kilometers away from Rio de Janeiro and separated by the Guanabara Bay, NiterĂ³i is a city of incredible beauty. Well known for having the most beautiful view of Rio de Janeiro, Niteroi also has wonderful constructions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art (designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer), and beaches that are well known worldwide especially by surfers. Elected as one of the Brazilian cities with a better quality of life, NiterĂ³i, despite being a big city still preserves the air of a small town, where everybody still knows everybody and the inhabitants of Niteroi have a unique profile which differs a lot with the neighboring inhabitants of Rio. The famous "Ponte" (a bridge of more than 13 Km.) connects those two special cities. Every day thousands of people cross this bridge to go to work or they use the ferries. Especially from Niteroi towards Rio de Janeiro. On the other hand there is a huge traffic of students towards Niteroi, because Niteroi houses one of the major universities. Niteroi is also a much more residential city with lots of housing and during the weekend a lot of leisure on the beaches. Niteroi also has a lot of restaurants and bars.