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The "Brazilians"

Temperatures above 40 ยบ in the North, Northeast and Southeast of Brazil. Drought in the Midwest and Northeast of Brazil. Much more rain and mild temperatures in the South and the Southeast of Brazil. Zero degree Celsius, negative and sometimes snow (timid) in the south, only a country with continental dimensions like Brazil can have all this happening at the same time. You can find Brazilians all over the world and they make visitors from all over the world feel at home in their country. The Brazilian people have to undergo the stories of corruption and military coups, droughts and floods, social inequalities and a weak currency. They are influenced by various cultures of various countries in the world, with immigrants and tourists. Already having a very strong culture of their own with their dishes, parties, dances and songs, their unique natural beauty of beaches, mountains, valleys, forests and monuments and waterfalls. All this makes Brazil and the Brazilians a country and a nation unique in the world. Hospitable by nature, the Brazilian can tries to speak all the languages of the world, even if they do not manage to speak their own language rightfully. They use their good will and sympathy to make an effort to communicate with all people who visit their country. Brazilians are hopeful and beautiful. Hopeful because all of the problems of a third world country, beautiful because of the mixture of races and people. The Brazilians unite in natural disasters and heinous crimes. They unite in the struggle against inequality and suffering. The Brazilians unite in the World Cup and Carnival. They are fun and entertaining. The Brazilians are happy people!