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Having a beer at the end of the afternoon.

Throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro you can find bars and restaurants crowded with people enjoying their beer in the late afternoon. The beer should be nicely chilled at about 3 degrees, that's the way they like to have their beer here.
Once the Cariocas leave their job, the men leave their jackets on the backrest of the chair and they loosen their ties. As for the women, they leave their handbags on the side and put their hair together. Pretty soon the tables that seat 4 people are full and they start adding chairs as the places get crowded, hands are going up in the air to ask for beers and they all start having conversations, they start talking louder and louder, the waiters never stop switching the old glasses for newly chilled glasses, every little thing is a reason for a toast. Every day we see the same ritual occurring all over Rio de Janeiro. The beer in the late afternoon with friends or just someone you just met at the next table. But don't think you would be excluded, everybody is welcome, just choose your bar, your table and your waiter and ask for your "chopp bem gelado" and ....