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Brazilians and Soccer

A game at Maracana

Every 4 years, Brazil stops. Not because of the presidential elections or a leap year... no what makes Brazil and the Brazilians stop is the World Cup. The only country in the world that won the World cup 5 times, and they probably wouldn't have won them if it wasn't for the passion they share for this sport. During the games of the World cup, the streets are empty, TV channels change their programming, offices are being closed and everybody is assisting the game at hand, with lots of beer, parties and the longing for another title.
But since the Brazilians are so passionate about soccer they wouldn't be satisfied with a World Cup every 4 years. Soccer is a always the conversation of the day. And it is not only men talking about soccer, women and even children can converse for hours about the subject. The competition of the state championships is very fierce between the teams and their fans. The stadiums are always filled up with their fans, supporting their teams. There is also the Brazilian championship that rounds up the best teams from all over Brazil and which lasts almost an entire year. Since Brazil is a big country, the supporters have to make long voyages to follow their teams, and they do.
But even when the big teams are not playing, the Brazilians can't stop thinking about soccer, they play on the beach, on the field, during the day or during the night, there is no difference between rich or poor, no age or sex, everybody just wants to play ball. The shirt of their team and the shirt of the national team are like banners of the Brazilian people.