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RioGuides offers private guided tours, transfers, rental apartments and personalized services for people settling in Brazil. All services are offered in English, Dutch, French, Italian and Portuguese. Our guides have expert knowledge about the history and culture of Rio the Janeiro.

We are offering all the regular tours like Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf, Maracanã stadium, the beaches and some lesser known destinations within Rio the Janeiro like walking tours in downtown or the Tijuca forest.

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Walking Tours

Try one of our walking tours in the historical city center of Rio de Janeiro or a little hike in the Tijuca Forrest. Read more...

Private Tours

All private tours are "à la carte". All tours are executed with luxurious cars or executive vans and accompanied by professional guides. Read more...

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RioGuides can also help you to find an apartment for a few days or even a longer stay in Rio de Janeiro. Read more...


Our site also tries to help you to gather more information about the attractions in Rio de Janeiro. Read more...

Meet your local guides

"Hi, my name is Koen, one of the local tour guides at RioGuides. I was born in Belgium and moved permanently to Brazil in 2008. Since then I changed my profession and became a local tour guide in the state of Rio de Janeiro. I love the city of Rio and I hope to share the love and admiration for this city with tourists visiting the Marvelous city. I hope when you come to Rio you will go beyond the obvious sights like the Christ Statue and the Sugarloaf mountain, and try to visit other sights like the historical city center or just enjoy your stay in the city by living the Carioca way of live."

"I'm  Marcia, 35 years old, I'm half Minas, half Bahia a mix of cheese (from Minas Gerais where I was born) and pepper (from Bahia where I lived the greater part of my life). I have been travelling, living and working around the globe. I lived in New York, London, Belgium and onboard a cruise ship where I met people from all over the world.   A few years ago I returned to Brazil and I decided to become a local tour guide in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the place that became my new hometown, once you get a taste of this city, you are hooked. I am interested in a wide variety of things: culture, music, arts, languages, travel, food,  meeting new people,…"

"My name is Fabiana, I am originally from the South of Brazil, but I already moved to Rio de Janeiro since 1993, after I lived in the United States for 3 years. Rio is my favored city in the whole wide world and I will make sure the city will also become one of your favorite destinations! I have been a tour guide for more than  15 years,  also with  a lot of international traveling experience,  and I am always looking for more choices and opportunities for our clients, making each tour a unique experience! Hope to see you soon in Rio de Janeiro!"


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Superb guide; especially for families. We appreciated his flexibility to accommodate our needs and his ability to excite and educate our 9 year old son. Walking and taking public transportation is how we like to see any city on our first visit, so we took a walking tour of downtown to Santa Teresa covering a good distance in just over 6 hours. Koen is very knowledgeable and was great with the historical narration. He offered great tips on how to visit other sites throughout Zona Sul. Highly recommend!
Dean Marino, United States



after punctual pick-up at the hotel, tour of the obvious to do in Rio (cristo, sambadrome, football stadium, beaches, cathedral, etc.) koen also managed to squeeze in some history when visiting the city centre, beside the very pleasant talks on "his" Rio! giving a true inside picture. glad you also showed less famous part: like the cafeteria,downtown streets with music and locals having Saturday lunch/diner. some great tips for night-life ! we enjoyed our evening out.without you that would never worked.
Margriet Nefkens, Netherlands



We had a great day visiting Sugar Loaf and Corcovado. He took us to a local restaurant in Leblon overlooking the beach. He knows his stuff! Koen was fantastic. He was very knowledgeable about history and the places we visited. I will most definitely recommend him.
Maxine Baerwaldt, United States



A big city like Rio you can not see in one day, but Koen managed to show us the most important and nice places in Rio. That he speaks Dutch was for us very comfortable. Besides Rio he gave us good tips for our trip through Brazil. Koen is very sympathetic and for us he is a 5star+ rating. We surely hope to meet Koen again, in Brazil or Belgium. Once more: thanks Koen for a very nice stay in Rio. Henk and Tineke Nouwens Breda. Holland.
Henk Nouwens, Netherlands



In Rio, Koen took us to all the great sights. He arranged for wonderful weather and we had clear views from Sugarloaf and the Redeemer statue. We got to see the beaches and downtown sites. Highly recommend his services.
George Chase, Canada



Koen is awesome!! We did enjoy the tour which Koen arranged in Rio. Great car for transportation, visited lots of good places, and learned lots of history and story from tour. So lucky to have a nice and knowlegable tour guide. Thank you, my friend.
Raymond Hsing, Taiwan



Koen went out of the way to make our arrival easier. He arranged for our luggage to be taken to our hotel so that the 4 of us could continue on our tour immediately after docking. His knowledge about Rio was certainly evident. He was quick to respond to the busyness of the city and planned our trip accordingly. We saw many more areas when we compared our notes with friends who went on the planned cruise ship tour. He was also gave us other tips for restaurants and sights for our extended stay. Great Job!
Jane Cipolla, Canada



Our tour with Koenraad met all our expectations. He worked with a Favela resident and translated readily as we worked our way up and down the hillside. We got off the main streets and felt we had seen much of the way of life there without difficulty of any sort. Koenraad was very considerate, met us on time with private transportation to the favela, saw us back to the cruise terminal on the local bus (our choice) and provided a very satisfying tour.
Jeanne Jones, United States



Koenraad V. gave us a wonderful tour...even though our ship was late on arrival he did everything we asked and more...just wished I had had him for the next day also. I would give him a five star plus and know that I will certainly choose ToursByLocals again because of my good experience with this guide. Eleanor Goode.
Eleanor Goode, United States



Koenraad is a great communicator who genuinely enjoys sharing his city with visitors. He is flexible and creative, making the experience personalized.
Marilyn L., United States



I spent a wonderful day in Rio with Koen and couldn't be happier about the experience. He was extremely professional and yet very personable which made the tour very memorable. I arrived during the favela riots and yet Koen made me very comfortable and safe. He had great knowledge of the city and was willing to show me the areas that interested me most. With only 4 hours on my first visit to the city, I feel like I got a great introduction to a wonderful city. I strongly recommend Koen as a first guide!
Margaret Barthmaier, United States



Five out of five - definitely!! We had a great tour with Koenraad. We'll recommend your service to our friends! Only one recommendation for Koen - his car is a bit tight for 4 people. He should think about offering a group of 4 the option of paying the difference required to hire a van for more comfortable seating. Otherwise, everything was terrific. He is very knowledgeable about the local sights and he was also very accomodating to our needs.
Lori Schmidt, United States



Cher Koen, Merci pour ton excellent travail, ta competence et disponibilité. Grace à toi nous garderons un très bon souvenir du Brésil de son peuple varié et si chaleureux. Tu nous a donné l'envie d'y revenir souvent.
Amitiés, Martine et Francis, France



Beste Koen, Merci voor de goede zorgen en perfecte service. Tot een volgende gelegenheid.
Fleur en Bart, België



Hallo koen, Bedankt voor alle goede zorgen en ammusement. Het was een prachtige reis (met veel zon en variatie). Misschien tot nog eens. Veel succes met uw werk en met uw familie. Groetjes.
Miranda en Chris, België



Oi Koen! Excuse me for writing in English, but I just wanted to write to thank you for the fantastic tour of Centro Rio earlier in the week. You (and the tour) was so interesting and such a cultural change. My fix for a month or two. Thank you. And thank you for your patience with the sogra - she is difficult at the best of times - but we (me and Mark) really appreciated your professionalism with her. Thank you. I will of course pass on your details to friends here, may of whom, despite being Brasilian, know little about the history and development of Rio through time, nor anything about the central area of the city. I have some archaeological information somewhere in the house about recent excavations at the site of the old port and the location of the slave market. I will try and find this, and forward either weblinks or copy the info and email it on to you. So, thank you so much and again for a fantastic day (despite the not too great weather). We made it to Petropolis for a flying visit on Tuesday. The old Royal Palace was well presented and well looked after. We loved the colonial houses and the slight craziness of the place! The sogra departed for the UK on Tuesday evening, and we returned to Floripa on Wednesday morning. The rain came with us! Take care, and we look forward to seeing you the next time we are in Rio.
Profa. Dra. Jane Wheeler






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